Excellent results

ALTISOURCE - +82% of hydration after 1h > Immediate action*

ALTI-WHITE – Clearer complexion: 84%**

BIO-ALPINE – Reduction of wrinkles up to -68% in 4 weeks only*

SYSTEME-PUR – Make-up removal face: 91% / Lips: 68% / Eyes: 77%**

Measured through clinical tests* and confirmed through customer** 

Such amazing results are possible,

thanks to...

Rare plants from high alpine mountains,

Pure and precious glacier water,

Incomparable Swiss knowhow.


ALPURE: A brand that offers something natural & clinically proven

ALPURE offers a unique proposition in the world of cosmetics.

It is the only brand that exclusively brings together organic plant ingredients harvested on the Swiss Alps, blending them with glacial waters, which, together greatly benefit natural skincare regimes for women of all ages.

ALPURE is an affordable luxury skincare range for everyday use, with a sensual appeal that draws on delicately blended textures and fragrances to create high performance gels, lotions, serums and creams.

In independent clinical tests, ALPURE delivers proven results that show how the product range produces smoother, tighter skin, for women aged 25 – 50+.

   Where nature meets science the result is natural beauty

Swiss Alpine organic flowers and plants, adapted to severe environments, have highly developed natural auto-defense systems in order to survive.

This natural chemistry breaks down and is scientifically re-formulated in ALPURE’s products, passing on protective and defensive attributes that benefit women’s skin in a number of ways.

ALPURE has been tested under strict clinical conditions proving the effectiveness of its different ranges – demonstrating amazing results for all its products.

   Ingredients taken at source from the Swiss Alps

Pure/Organic extracts of plants and flowers found only in the Swiss Alps are used within the different ALPURE ranges.

Edelweiss, Thyme, Mountain Apple, Calendula, Imperatoria, White Genepi, Butterfly Bush,

Mallow, Peppermint, Primrose, Lady’s Mantle, Veronica, Balm, St. John’s Wort, Chamomile, Hyssop and Willow Herb are just some of the natural ingredients that bring great benefits to our products.

Water taken at source from Swiss Glaciers is blended with organic Alpine ingredients to provide high levels of skin hydration.

   Alpine plants

(Butterfly Bush, Edelweiss, Primula, Elder flowers, Alpine skullcap, White  Genepi). Credit Photos : Alpaflor.

Naturally present at high mountain altitudes, on  poor soils, this specific, noble and rare flora from  the Swiss Alps is facing extreme variations of  temperature and high doses of UV radiations.  To withstand these hard environmental  aggressions in their natural conditions, those  plants develop an efficient protection system (resistance, endurance, and adaptation). Consequently, their production of protective  metabolites, such as flavonoids, phenolic acids  increases which, once extracted, constitute active  ingredients for effective cosmetics.

Botanical complexes, exclusive and unique,  using more than 20 species of endemic plants, with effective cosmetic properties:

   Glacier water

The glacier water that we use in our naturally active  complexes is an intrinsically pure water.

It is a precious elixir, rare, drawn at 2800m altitude,  that brings an intense freshness and a maximum  energizing power, to any product from the range  ALPURE.

It is logical that glacier water has important hydrating  properties, and actively helps in the evaporation  control on the skin surface.

   A range of skincare products, using complexes created organically

·         The exclusive complex BIO-ALPINE is an anti-ageing formula created from 100% organic Alpine plants. Two ingredients; Buddleja Davidii and Thyme, combat the effects of ageing and protect against pollution thanks to their anti-oxidizing agents.

·         The exclusive complex ALTISOURCE 24H aims to replenish the essential moistures that skin needs to keep looking radiant. An original combination of Alpine ingredients, including Mountain Apple and Ice Algae, waters from the Dar and Engadine Glaciers provide purity

·         The exclusive complex ALTI-WHITE was created to meet the needs of not only Asian skin types, but also for Caucasians with hyper-pigmentation concerns. Arbutin, a derivative of Bearberry, and a cocktail of Alpine ingredients controls melanin production, maintaining the skin’s natural radiance.

·         The exclusive complex SYSTEME-PUR is ALPURE’s dedicated solution for cleansing the skin of impurities and removing make-up. It prepares the skin for product application, providing the foundations for exceptional skincare. Eight organic flowers cultivated in the Swiss valleys, at an altitude of more than 1000 metres, are blended with the ALPURE’s exclusive ‘hydrapur extract’ (mountain apple + ice algae), and waters taken from the Dar glacier, preserving skin elasticity, maintaining optimum moisture levels and restoring natural radiance.