Macleods Pharmaceuticals


Sr. No. Product Strenght & Composition Packing
(1) Myosone Tablet Eperisone HCL 50mg 1 Box X 5
(2) Lumiter Tablet Artemether 20mg &
Lumefantrine Tablets
1 Box X 24
(3) Vira 200 Tablet Nevirapine Teblets USP 200mg  1 Bottle X 60
(4) Moximac Tablet Moxifloxacin Tablets 400mg 1 Box X 5
(5) Laxitol Powder Lactitol Monohydrate
Powder 10mg
1 Box X 15
(6) Nudiclo Tablet Diclofenac Potassion BP Bilayered Tablets 100mg 1 Box X 3 X 10
(7) K- Cors Tablet Nicorandil Tablets 5mg 1 Bottle X 20
(8) Vegamax - 100 Slidenafil Citrate Equivalent to Sildenafil 100mg 1 Box X 4
(9) Vegamax - 50 Slidenafil Citrate Equivalent to Sildenafil 50mg 1 Box X 4
(10) Omegran - 20 Omegran 20(Omeprazole Mangesium Equivalent to omprazole 20mg 1 Box X 15
(11) Doxoril 400 Doxofylime 400mg 1 Box X 3 X 10
(12) Olmesar 20 Tablet Antihypertensive 1 Box 1x7 Tablet
(13) Olmesar 40 Tablet Antihypertensive 1 Box 4x7 Tablet
(14) Methimazole Tablets USP 5 mg Antithyroid 1 Box 10x10
(15) Acudrox 500 Tablet Anti-infective 1 Box 5x10



(Doxofylline 400 mg tablets)

1.      Significant reduction in airway inflammation

2.      Remarkable bronchodilatory activity

3.      Unlike theophylline avoids cardiovascular and extrapulmonary side-effects

Dosage & Administration

Adults: 1 Tablet (400 mg)

2 times daily.

The dosage may be increase to t.i.d according to prescribing physician.


Cardio protective actions:

1.      Dual mode of action offers anti anginal and disease modifying action

2.      Mimics ischemic preconditioning independent of severity of ischemia

3.      Improves endothelial function

4.      Inhibits cardiac sympathetic nerve activity

5.      Shows anti thrombotic effect and stabilizes coronary plaque


Oral treatment with nicorandil at discharge is associated with reduced mortality after acute myocardinal infarction


Department of cardiovascular medicine, Osaka University Graduate School of Medicine, Sulta, Osaka, Japan.



Previous studies showed that nicorandil can reduce coronary events in patients with coronary artery disease. However, it is unclear whether oral nicorandil treatment may reduce mortality following acute myocardial infarction (AMI).

Methods and results:

We examined the impact of oral nicorandil treatment on cardiovascular events in 1846 AMI patients who were hospitalized within 24 h after AMI onset, treated with emergency percutaneous coronary intervention (PCI), and discharged alive. Patients were divided into those with (Group N, n = 535) and without (Group C, n = 1311) oral icorandil treatment at discharge. No significant differences in age, gender, body mass index, rprevalence of coronary risk factors, or history of myocardial infarction existed between the two groups; however, higher incidences of multi-vessel disease, and a lower rate of successful PCI were observed in Group N. During the median follow-up of 709 (340-1088) days, all-cause mortality rate was 43% lower in Group N compared with Group C (2.4% vs 4.2% stratified log-rank test: p=0.0358).


The results suggest that oral administration of nicorandil is associated with reduced incidence of death in the setting of secondary prevention after AMI.


(Lacitol 10 gm Sachets)

Lactitol or lactulose in the treatment of chronic constipation: result of a systematic review

Preffered over lactulose in chronic constipation:

1.      Superior efficacy

2.      Better platability

3.      Lower adverse effect

4.      Better patient compliance


Constipation is a common problem for adults and paediatric patients and can generate considerable suffering for patients due to both the unpleasant physical symptoms and psychological preoccupations that can arise. Since disaccharide sugar is widely prescribed osmotic laxative in India, we decided to do systematic review to compare the fficacy and safety of lactitol versus lactulose in the management of constipation.

All randomised, non-randomised and open trials, with head t head comparison of lactitol versus lactulose were included. After intense literature search we included six clinical trials for comparison. The relevant studies that were included in meta analysis included 349 adults patients with mean age group of 19 to 85 years and 81 children from age group of 8 months to 16 years. Duration of treatment was 3 days to 4 weeks.

In terms of efficacy latitol was found to be comparable to lactulose in terms of norma consistency of stool and number of bowel movement per week. Better acceptance by the patients was reported with lactitol as compared to lactulose (73.2% versus 26.8%). Lactitol was found to be significantly superior as compared to lactulose in terms of less number of adverse events(31.20 +/- 0.8000% versus 62.10+/- 1.1000%, p=0.0019). Better efficacy was adjudged by the physicians in favour of lactitol as compared to lactulose (61.91% versus 47.93%). In addition compliance with lactitol was found to be better due to superior palatability. Also in paediatric patients the dose of lactitol required was almost half the dose of lactulose (250-400 mg/kg/day versus 500-750 mg/kg/day).

Lactitol should be preferred over lactulose in the management of chronic constipation because of its superior efficacy as adjudged by the physician, better palatability, lesser incidence of adverse events, better acceptance and compliance reported by patients.


Maximum efficacy, minimum resistance

1.      Superior clinical cure rate even in patients with risk factors

2.      No dosage adjustment required in patients with renal and hepatic impairment as well as elderly

3.      No effect on blood glucose homeostasis


(Eperisone hydrochloride 50 mg tablets)

The non-sedative Myorelaxant

In myotonic conditions


1.      Sprain & Strain

2.      Muscle spasm


1.      Low Back Pain

2.      Neck-Shouldr-Arm Syndrome

3.      Periarthritis of Shoulder

4.      Cervical Spondylosis


(Diclofenac potassium 30 mg instant release + 70 mg sustained release tablet)

1.      Instant onset of analgesia within 15 minutes

2.      37% better pain relief compared to conventional diclofenac

3.      Sustained analgesia for 24 hour.


(omeprazole 20 mg powder for oral suspension)

Acid control in 1 minute.

1.      Rapid onset of action

2.      Protects Omeprazol from gastric acid degradation

3.      Rapid PPI effect

4.      Reduces nighttime heartburns, ensure better quality of life

5.      Strong acid control throughout the day




20mg OD or B.I.D for 4-8 weeks


(Sildenafil Citrate 50mg/100mg Tablets)

For men with Erectile Dysfunction

Improved penetration and erection maintenance for men with ED

1.      Over 10 years of experience

2.      Over 120 clinical trials